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Height Performance in Sports

Posted by on Mar 18, 2016 in Sport, Cuisine and Life |

Tips for height Performance in Sports

Inside sports world, optimum functionality throughout sports has become a new very much preferred point out by simply players and coaches coming from all quantities. Whether or not the players are generally school boys little league players as well as Olympians aiming because of their Platinum medals, optimum functionality throughout sports features often captivated players and coaches the same. This information covers your components which could steer players and coaches for you to optimum functionality throughout sports.

Tips for height Performance

It could possibly comprise of keeping some normal involving conditioning by way of strength pursuits like riding a bike, jogging as well as boating, participating in find and pitching inside back garden using bros, or maybe particular person routines to further improve selected skills.

Biggest Mistakes of Peoples When They Buy a Road Bike on Price Tag Basis

Posted by on Jan 13, 2016 in Sport, Cuisine and Life |

A lot more times when compared with, not the majority of people seeking to buy a best road bikes under 1000 are simply looking at the price tag on the bike rather than the excellent performance. Although price is obviously important, it can be equally important that you recognize the worth of price you are paying for the specific bike.

Road bike Price tag

There are numerous factors that you should take into account when you begin your searching for a top level bike to suit your needs. has mentioned some points here:

Used Vs New

There are many places available on internet for  used bicycles today. Craigslist provides hundreds of available bikes for purchase in every single imaginable classification and budget. If your budget is limited then this can be your best option which suit your needs. The difficulty with buying a used motorbike is which you really have is that you have no idea  how long this bike was used and what problems this bike actually have?  Although the bike perhaps look clean but you may not notice the little details of that bike which is probably the undoing of the bike.

You need to look carefully for the components to determine if you can see apparent wear on the metal. Naturally you must concern the bike component first because most of the time bike parts are wear out. You need to inspect the frame because if you experience a tension fracture in one of the welds then you certainly throw the bike away.

Components may be changed, provided you are willing to do the task yourself. You can visit a bike shop and do it yourself however the cost will probably be exponentially higher. These are just some of the concerns you keep in mind if you buying the used bikes. Not to say that when the bike features a structural failure when you are riding the idea you threat serious harm or more serious.

Mid Range Price Tag VS Low Range Price Tag

There are usually three rates for motorbikes, but here we are only going to discuss the mid as well as to lower variety road bicycles. These bicycles have a price range from $200$400 for the lower priced bikes as well as to $400$1200 for the mid priced bikes. Now you might say that $1200 is a lot of money for the mid variety priced motorbike but if you remember to consider that you might pay upwards of $10, 000 for any higher priced road bike it doesn’t seem consequently high.

These bike differ from each other by their features including Gear, Brakes, Seat, Handlebar and much more. So the quality of bike must depends on these parts which must be checked before buying a bike.

Bike Repairing Cost

If you consider the money that you need for replacement of the cheaper components you should ask yourself that how much you are going to save with these cheap bikes,. Derailleur can cost you if you are going to replace from $100 to help $200 which depending on the bike shop as well as the derailleur you choose to replace. The same things apply for a lot of the components on the bike. The complete cost regarding replacement will certainly out price the initial price of the road motorbike.

The Guideline When You Buy Cheap Road Bike

I have been a bicycling lover and ride a wide variety of bike. All you need when you are buying a road bike is to consider the major factors that discuss above in the article. Which help you to decide the best fitted bike for you. You can also search on internet for bike reviews which is also a important resource for buyng a new or used bike.

Baby travel systems- are they good for you?

Posted by on Oct 26, 2015 in Sport, Cuisine and Life |

As a mom, the important baby items that you need to have are the stroller and the car seat. These products will enable you to move around with the baby safely. There are of course different types that you can choose from:

  • Standard size strollers that have been designed with a reclining padded seat. There are other designs that come with additional features to enhance comfort.
  • The lightweight strollers; these strollers were designed for travel. They are relatively light and you can easily fold and move around with them. These strollers are suitable for babies of a certain age. You should thus therefore check the guidelines stipulated when choosing the best lightweight stroller 2015
  • The double and triple strollers; these will be perfect for you if you have more than one baby. They do come with different designs that have specific features and accessories.
  • The car seat stroller frame; these have been designed to be compatible with different car seats.

When it comes to buying these strollers you need to decide the purpose the stroller will serve in your life. Yes, all these strollers are perfect, however if you are looking for a stroller that is compatible with the car seat, then you should consider the travel systems. These designs come with a stroller and a matching car seat.

Why buy the travel systems?


  • They easily shift from a car seat to a stroller; you do not have to keep moving the baby from one position the next. With this design you can just clip the car seat to the stroller frame and you are ready to go. This makes it easy for you to move around with the baby
  • They are convenient and you can easily secure your child in during travel.
  • They are perfect for you as you can buy all the essential items the baby needs maneuverability. This definitely will reduce the frequent visits to the shopping center.
  • There are those packages that include a carrycot that adds extra comfort.
  • They are durable and you can use them until the baby is around one year- this is for the car seat. The push chair can be used until they turn three years.
  • They are very economical

What considerations to make?

With the many designs out there, how do you choose the perfect travel system? Well there are a few factors that can guide you in your selection

  • Consider your lifestyle; before you can rush to buy these systems, you need to consider the way you move around. Do you like walking, driving or do you use the public means of transportation. Remember that these travel systems can only serve you better if you have your own car. If you walk or use the public transportation, you should use the lightweight models that are portable.
  • The space in your home and car; the storage capacity of you home and you car will play an important role in the decision that you make. These travel systems do take up a lot of space.
  • You need to check the car seat base before buying; you should buy a system that has the 5 point safety harness for extra protection.
  • You should ensure that you check if the system has other extra accessories; you should look for sun shade, foot muffs and storage cabinet.
  • You need to consider the weight; remember that you will be carrying the baby around in the car seat. So you should ensure that you are comfortable enough with the weight.

Features To Look For When Choosing Ultimate Gaming Chair

Posted by on Sep 17, 2015 in Sport, Cuisine and Life |

Features To Look For When Choosing Ultimate Gaming Chair
If you’re among the countless individuals who spend significant amounts of time in front of the PC working, reading or playing game, then you most likely have experienced some discomfort, neck & back pains, eye strain & other factors that normally cause you to shed concentration & interest in what you’re performing. The possible cause of all of these is the chair you’re using.

If you’re using a normal chair, then it’s a good time to switch to an ultimate gaming chair. Finding the best computer gaming chair means searching for the one that comes with the features that would best fit your needs. In this article, you’ll learn what feature you should look for when selecting an ultimate gaming chair for you.

  • Materials

An ultimate gaming chair made with quality material and should last a long time. Search for themanufacturer to explain what the padding material is, cover material & other features just like the legs on a computer gaming chair. All needs to be high quality stuff.

  • Coolness factor

Are you utilizing your gaming chair around your buddies? Then probably you want your chair to get noticed a bit! Most chairs already are “cool”, but you could tailor your gaming chair to your choices.

  • Ergonomics design

Ergonomics design must be at the top of your list when you’re looking for a game playing chair. An ergonomic gaming char will offer maximum comfort & the least pressure on your body.

  • Space Saving

If area is a concern in your game playing area, a lot of the gaming chairs will fold up & tuck away when not being used. Also, remember the dimensions of the gaming chair vs. the dimensions of your game playing area. You do not would like to purchase a chair online only to locate its too large for your space when you receive it set up at house.

  • Durability

Gaming can usually be rowdy. You could hit the gaming chair in your disappointment or your gaming buddies might crowd you up in the gaming chair. Be sure the chair isn’t made from cheap materials. The ultimate gaming chairs are durable. Search for this feature if you prefer to get more bangs out of your buck.

  • Assembly

Most ultimate gaming chairs are simple to assemble. But still, you’ve to check which ones are easy to assemble. You do not would like to spend hours just working out how to put your chair together.

  • System Compatibility

Last but absolutely not least, you have to make sure the gaming chair you’re purchasing will work with your system! Luckily, most game playing chairs now-a-days will perform with a great number of systems, including a PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, etc.

Gaming has become a big industry in the past few decades. A growing number of people are joining in on the competitiveness & fun. Whether you’re hardcore or just a recreational gamer, the ultimate gaming chair will convert your gaming encounter into a more comfortable & enjoyable time.

Let your kids enjoy those amazing mini Harley type electric scooters

Posted by on Jul 24, 2015 in Sport, Cuisine and Life |

Kids are having a ball of the time these days, especially the kids who love to drive those mini Harley type electric scooters. It is so much fun and it really feels nice when you see these kids zooming down the nearest neighborhood pavements. They just enjoy and have fun all day. The best thing about the best electric scooter is that it comes in amazingly cool designs.

BMW Electric Scooter

There are several companies which are manufacturing electric scooters which are similar to mini Harleys, cruisers, and even police motorcycles. If you really want to see a smile on kid’s face, then all you need to do is to gift him with one of these things. You will be even rewarded with sloppy kisses from the most enthusiastic kid.

You can gift electric scooters to your loved ones

  • If you are planning to attend a birthday party of a kid, then these electric scooters can prove to be the best gift item. Not only boys but girls also love to drive these scooters and these can be gifted all around the year. These little kids would like to test drive these trendy scooters and must be supervised by an adult initially.
  • During the start, the little one may not be able to balance this thing as his feet may not touch the ground but with proper practice he will learn to drive the best electric scooter for kids.

Take proper care while these are being driven by youngsters

  • Whenever you give an electric scooter to a youngster, then make sure to take proper. You need to warn them in advance about the high speed and also tell them not to use for uphill drives or steep areas.
  • If you really want to enjoy the electric scooter driving then make sure to turn them on a flat surface. Though there are many teenagers who drive them for adventure but it should only be done after rigorous practice has been done and that too under an adult supervision.

Electric scooters are reliable and durable

riding electric scooter

  • Another best thing about modern day electric scooters is that these are made of durable plastic and can be handled roughly. These are quite durable and can be used for a longer period of time.
  • Most of the electric scooters come with four volts one or six batteries. All you need to do is to plug them into a power source for few hours and you will see kids using them for a large number of times.
  • These days the electric scooters that are being sold come with taillights, headlights, and even sidelights. Kids consider all this as very fresh and trendy.

These are light weight and environment-friendly

  • Electric scooters are quite light weight especially the ones that are made for kids. These are also environment-friendly and noise free. Companies are trying to develop hybrid batteries for these scooters and the present day batteries are also rechargeable. It means you can easily recharge them by connecting to a power source in few hours.
  • One of the most liked electric scooter model is the Harley mini scooter version. This is one of the largest selling models and it comes with foot pegs, key ignition, kickstand, battery charger, a toolkit and tinted windshield.
  • These electric scooters are available at a price of $120 and by spending this little money, you can bring a smile onto a kid’s face for a lifetime.

Make sure proper training happens

  • Before you handover, the electric scooter to a kid ensure that proper training happens. All you need to do is to ensure complete adult supervision and let the kid practice for few hours. These electric scooters are easy to drive and kids love to roam on these scooters in the company of their friends.

So, what you are waiting for? If you really wish to bring an instant smile to your kid’s face, gift him or her with this lovely electric scooter. I am sure the little champ will love to have this electric scooter and will enjoy it to the fullest. Try razor e300 electric scooter if you need a suggestion.

Rock Climbing On Vancouver Island

Posted by on Mar 17, 2016 in Sport, Cuisine and Life |

The natural mother has favoured the beautiful Vancouver Island with a temperate climate and a dozen of spectacular terrain structure. With this advantage, tourism itself is the most important element for developing Island economy including fishing, camping, surfing and climbing. Among these activities, climbing is becoming one of the key factors of the tourism industry in this place.

Destination for both professional and unprofessional

Specifically, now Vancouver Island is considered the ideal destination for both professional and unprofessional explores of caves and climbing rock because of its new-fangled geology and established infrastructure. Perhaps is born in orderto be climbed and explored due to it is located at ocean being lifted up where consists of a great many porous sedimentary and volcanic rocks.Vancouver Island

On this small, beautiful Vancouver Island and its neighboring Gulf Islands, there are more than 50 the recognized climbing places. Whether you are a climber at professional or normal level, it can also provide the suitable challenges.

If you are intending to climb up one of the mountains in this place.

It will be very easy for you to find the best locations among more than 245,000 hectares of ancient mountainous terrain at the North Island’s Strathcona Provincial Park where was established in 1911. An typical example in the Golden Hinde is a mountain nearly 2,200 meters in height. If you would like to have an extremely difficult challenge, this will be the best selection because it is the highest mountain in Vancouver Island which is demonstrated.

Besides climbing, you also have opportunities discovering all of caves throughout this Island. On the North Island, you can begin your trip from Galloping Goose Corridor where is near to Victoria to the cliff faces of Mount Wells. It is quite easy for you to determine your selected mountain thanks to the mature road system as well as some numerous communities.

What is more, you have to pay attention that some of them are able to be owned privately or are located in the chosen park. Do not worry, if you are the new climber or visitor of this place due to it is very easy for you to perform your working when the local climbing clubs have ready carved the essential hand holds and routes into climbs.

Before each trip, most of explorers of caving and climbers are advised that do not forget to look for in the internet for checking out the available prestigious websites and maps of the Provincial Government or unprofessional enthusiasts because they will offer the essential detailed information about the top of the locations so that your expedition is more convenient and safer.

Before a wide range of great choices, why do not you perform a careful research? For instance, there are the Horne Lake cave system west in Qualicum Beach and the rocky slabs of the Nomash and Wapiti Valleys in Mount Maxwell on Salts Spring Island. Thanks to all of great things above, Vancouver Island has become an attractive place for both professional and unprofessional rock climbers and cavers all over the world

Ice Hockey: Goal Scoring tips

Posted by on Jan 11, 2016 in Sport, Cuisine and Life |

Hockey is one the most exciting and energetic game anyone love and learn to play. Before you get started for the game it is very important that you know and understand what skills you will needed, how you play the game, and how much practice you will need to enhance your ability for goal scoring.

Everyone wants to score more goals as, goal scoring is an important part of hockey game. In hockey goals always decide the outcome of the game, so it can be assumed that’s goal scoring is the desired end result when we are playing the Hockey.

Ice hockey goal tips

Hockey is all about scoring goals. Every player dreams about the wining scoring titles.

Players who scores high, always become popular, but it cannot be possible without having the knowledge of hockey skills. You should know about your skating speed, your boy strength to handle and control the puck, your expertise to fake an opponent out of position all these things play an important role in the game. But in the end it’s all about your ability to score high goals in order to win the game.

To lead the game, it is important to set high goals but they should be realistic as well. You must feel that you have an ability to achieve your desired goals. According to most hockey players whenever a hockey player scores a game changing or even a game winning goal it always creates a life time and memorable moment in the mind of other players. The main trick to score more goals is to practice your hockey shooting because it will automatically improve your hockey shooting technique.

Irrespective of age, a hockey player can always become a more efficient, faster skater, more responsive with practice.

Perhaps the most important factor to be considered is to practice skating fast with the puck and shooting quickly. It’s not important whether your desired goals are pretty wrist shots or fast back hands that hit the spot. Infect it’s more important that whenever you see a shooting chance above you, you avail that chance and take the shot. Sometimes your shooting efforts do not end up in vain, as your other team players to pick up a possible reflection of ball and can score a goal.

Shooting mats can be used by the hockey players in order to do their shooting practice.

The surface of these hockey mats provide an outstanding source for your shooting drills. There are two sizes of shooting mats with largest of these is included in Hockey Professional Passing Kit. Also labeled as ‘one time passer’, it is combination of shooting surface, largest stickhandling and a hockey trainer. If you don’t have another team player to practice the shots, it provide a best way to enhance your goal scoring skills.

  1. As one of most effective skills learning tool, use of Hockey Professional Passing kit can make you a goal scoring champion.
  2. Measured at 48”x96”, shooting board provides enough space to practice passing skills and shooting drills with actual game look alike situation.

Hockey professional passing kit also offers reflex band to rebound your puck which eventually facilitates in improving hand-eye coordinated work. Practicing hockey shots at different spots of net will certainly improve your improvisation to scope goal and caught goalkeeper unaware. A low but hard shot in the bottom corner will serve the best if goalie to too smart to handle your all shots towards goal.

Improving the aim to shoot at target, and consistency to shot from different angles and with speed at goal always results in scoring in big games. Snipers choice Targets serve the best and can be used for shooting practice. Securing the net with thick nylon threads will help in practice the shot towards goal and immediately getting ready for next.

It is important to note that it’s always team effort contributes in scoring and winning games.

Powerful shots towards goal do add to scoreboard, but it is dependent on getting the right pass at right time. Opportunity of potential charge towards opponent zone can result in conversion to a goal, if you are aware of your position and can impact during the game. Knowing the position of other players and puck can result in more attacks towards opponent’s goal in more improvised manner.

There is lot of online help available in improving knowledge of hockey shooting skills in big games. One of which, blog offers most recent tips and guides along with state of art hockey training assistance. Mr. Thor Josefson, as content manager for is keen to provide ice hockey players with ice hockey development programs through capacity building exercises. He has experience of coaching world class players and himself has played college hockey in Minnesota.

The differences between beach volleyball and indoor volleyball

Posted by on Jan 10, 2016 in Sport, Cuisine and Life |

Volleyball is one of the most interesting sports that gain the popularity all over the worlds. It attracts the participation of many people from generations, genders, social status… Besides the role in improving and practicing the human health, which keeps people keep healthy and fitness, this sport is also regarded as one activity for entertainment to help people escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy life. Indoor volleyball

Actually, there are two common types of volley ball which are indoor volleyball and beach volley ball.

Two kinds of this sport to some degree are as different as chalks and cheese, which is sure that the players can enjoy the different experience with each type. In this paper, I would like to share you more information about the differences between 2 types of volleyball so that you can tell them apart and choose for yourself the most suitable one.

  • The very first obvious difference is the place for playing. As mentioned in their name, indoor volleyball often takes place in the stadiums while people often play beach volleyball on the long sand side of the beach. The difference in location makes the difference in the attitude and feeling of the players to some degree. If participants often feel free and comfortable when playing volleyball on the beach, the indoor game often brings the feeling of a bit pressure.
  • The area of the court on the beach often smaller than the indoor one. The total area for the beach court is about 64m2 for 4 sides of the net.
  • Other difference between two kinds is the number of members in each team. As far as we know, in indoor volleyball, a team often includes about 6 members while there are only 2 members in beach volleyball. Therefore, if in indoor game, they often apply the rotation rules, in the beach game, it doesn’t take place. There is only the change in the order of serving between the 2 members.
  • Besides, the way of playing also makes the difference between two types. With beach volleyball, the player cannot set the ball over the net if he does not face the net on the first contact. The beach volleyball doesn’t allow the double hits as indoor ones. The players in the beach volleyball have not right to contact the ball twice during the serve receiving.
  • Moreover, when playing beach volleyball open hand tipping is prohibited because they believe that this action can make the scoring become easier and do not cause the competitiveness and challenges of the game.

beach volleyball

With the information above, we hope that you will well understanding the difference between two basic types of volleyball. Of course not matter what kinds of sport you desire to take part in, the most initial criteria that you need to have is the sporty attitude, fair play and the passion. We hope that you will find for yourself a suitable sport after this post.

Millar’s solo heroics upstage the eagles

Posted by on Oct 25, 2015 in Sport, Cuisine and Life |

TONY ROMINGER won his second huge Alpine stage in as many days and Miguel Indurain kept his iron grip on the Tour, but it was Scotland’s Robert Millar who won the hearts yesterday.

The Swiss finished half a wheel in front of the Spaniard after a 113-mile stage of more than 5 1/2 hours from Serre-Chevalier. But Millar had earlier written himself indelibly into the folk history of this towering race with a solo ride over the exposed summit of the Col de la Bonette, which rises to a dizzying 9,200ft and to which Europe’s highest road clings precariously.single-handedly bike

Only twice before has it featured in the Tour, in 1962 and 1964. The legendary Spanish climber Federico Bahamontes, the winner in 1959 and the mountain king a record six times, took it on both occasions.

Millar attacked at the foot of the Bonette’s immense 15-mile climb together with Pedro Delgado. He eventually shook off the Spaniard to breast the peak more than a minute clear of Rominger and Indurain. It was a truly magnificent ride by the 34-year-old Scot who has, almost single-handedly, flown the British flag in the Tour over the past decade.

It was always likely, given such heroics, that Millar would be caught on the final climb to Isola and, when Indurain’s group duly swept past him, it seemed he was finally and completely done. Now he appeared hunched, small and frail – yet even then he fought back to stay in touch and, with 2 1/2 miles to go, suddenly launched another courageous attack.

Alas, he could not sustain it for Indurain was driving hard behind, accompanied by most of the men who had stuck so close to him the previous day.

Millar eventually finished seventh, a minute behind, but the position was of no real consequence. The Scot had ridden such a colossal stage, with such panache and daring, that his name will be for ever associated the Col de Bonette.

In fact Millar is no great lover of the Alps. All three of his Tour de France stage wins have been in the Pyrenees, and there are plenty of mountains to climb there next week. His year of years came in 1984 when he was fourth overall, won a stage and became the only Briton to win the King of the Mountains jersey.

Nowadays the legs are a little less pliable but Millar, as he so splendidly proved here, remains one of the great climbers. It is a disgrace that the Scottish sporting press, so keen to bang the national drum, have for years virtually ignored him.

Millar’s efforts aside, the 11th stage, despite the length and ferocity of the climbs, was never going to match the significance of Wednesday when Indurain virtually ensured that the rest of the race will be a sort of holiday for him.Apls tour

The day’s first climb was the daunting Col d’Izoard, with its huge grey-brown, barren scree slopes and its almost mythical association with the mountain exploits of the former Tour winners Fausto Coppi and Louison Bobbet. Yet it seemed to go by almost as an afterthought.

Indurain was again imposing his authority pitilessly and seemed determined to take the stage, though in the end Rominger, still strong, nicked it. It was clear from the start that Indurain now considers the Swiss – who took over the climbers’ jersey yesterday – his only possible rival.

For the past two years Claudio Chiappucci has finished in that measled vest but he struggled horribly on the climb to the Bonette where he was almost two minutes down on Indurain and Rominger at the summit. Typically the Italian fought back to contest the final 32-bend hairpin climb to the ski station of Isola, being used for the first time in preference to L’Alpe d’Huez.

On such a long and gruelling stage there were inevitable casualties, but the day’s 15 victims included some notables: France’s Laurent Fignon, who won in 1983 and 1984; the overnight points leader Mario Cipollini of Italy, who finished out of time; and the Belgian lying second to him, Wilfried Nelissen, who abandoned.

The Uzbek sprinter Djamol Abdoujaparov, winner of the green jersey two years ago, scraped in last while Italy’s world champion Gianni Bugno had a second disastrous day and lost almost 13 minutes.

Today the Tour leaves the Alps – but the survivors face around eight hours in the saddle in this year’s longest stage.

Today: Isola 2000 to Marseille (180 miles).

Home away from home; Somerville Boxing Club program a haven for at-risk youth

Posted by on Oct 25, 2015 in Sport, Cuisine and Life |

The temperature flirts with triple digits outside the Somerville Boxing Club. Inside, 17-year-old Patricia Santana has just finished pulverizing the speed bag, practically off its hinge.

With her gray tank top soaked with sweat, she takes a break with a fresh, ice-cold bottle of Poland Springs water.

boxing gym

“It’s a good therapy session for me to come here,” Santana said of the Somerville Boxing Club and its program geared toward at-risk youth. “I am quick-tempered and I can now come here and go all out on the bag and then go home. And instead of yelling at my family, everything is better.

“Being here helps me control my temper.”

Until recently, however, Santana had few alternatives to channel her energy. Because her mother was unable to fund her martial arts lessons, she was forced to quit. Now, the doors of the Somerville Boxing Club have swung open for young people like Santana, who has been in two different foster homes, to offer them a productive outlet.

Offering this intervention/prevention program for youth, the Somerville Boxing Club is using the sport of amateur boxing as an alternative to antisocial behavior for youth in Somerville and surrounding communities in Massachusetts. More than 40 kids attend the club through referrals from the courts, police or high school extension programs.

Every day of the week, these at-risk youngsters can come, free of charge, and work out with one of the five trained boxing instructors on site. But, according to veteran trainer Rich Baker, the boxing aspect is just a small component of the ultimate goal the club — which celebrates its one-year anniversary in September — looks to accomplish.

“We’ve all been around the block so we can teach these kids life lessons that we might have learned the hard way,” Baker said. “This is a safe haven and we want to provide these kids with a little stability in their lives by being mentors.”

Despite the sweltering heat outside, the club is buzzing with activity on this particular day. While the stereo pumps the latest hit from Sean Paul, four of the six heavy bags are being pummeled with ferocity.

In one corner, Kirk Duran, a 15-year-old born in El Salvador, works on his shadowboxing in front of a large mirror that runs the length of the 3,400 square foot facility

“Being here gives me a purpose,” the 6-foot-4, 340-pound Duran said. “A lot of my friends are home sitting on the couch, doing nothing but watching TV. But I like being here . . . it is such a great atmosphere.”

Meanwhile, a feisty Irish-Italian kid named Lawrence Sullivan – LJ for short – tapes his little mitts before beginning his workout. The gym is now his home away from home.

“I love being here and I love the sport,” said Sullivan, who is eyeing the Junior Golden Gloves next year. “I recognize my greatness and I am going to win it.”

Under the guidance, experience and genuine interest of those working at the Somerville Boxing Club, that goal does not seem too farfetched.

“It’s about feeling good,” said Tom Ward, a youth counselor at the club and with CASPAR (Cambridge and Somerville Program for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Rehabilitation). “When kids come here they are greeted with a smile, a handshake, and are treated with respect.”

BOX: From the heart

This boxing thing saved my life

I’ve turned from wrong to right

I go to work out every night

Now I’m excited about my life

I used to go out and do dumb things

I thought it was just normal teenage fun

But now with all that, I’m done

I wish I hadn’t done all those stupid things

Now I’m loving the things that I do

My mind is finally thinking straight

Boxing has me feeling great

My life is now full with good things to do

This boxing thing really saved my life

I’ve turned a wrong into a right

I go and work out every night

Now I’m finally excited about my life!!